Atheist and "True Believers" are Exactly the Same - Really!

Yes, you read the title correctly, and yes I do believe it to be true. Hopefully, by the end of this article you will see my point, and if you don't - try reading it again! 

Let's start with the atheist - Mr. "I don't believe in anything", the basic tenant of atheism is that there is no god, no afterlife, no reincarnation, no 72 virgins, no ghostly spirit to appear on an episode of Ghost Hunters, there is simply nothing, a complete and total void. When you die it is the end, nothing. No nebulous ectoplasm of spirits, no palace in the sky with pearly gates, not even a do-over. Nothing.

True believers on the other the hand believe in an almighty God, insert your choice of a monotheistic religion here, they believe an entity watches over, and judges, us in our daily mundane lives. So God with omnipotent powers watches the reality show of the human race, possibly more boring than Kate plus eight! Some believe that if you have lead a good life, or in reality even if you haven't, you move on from this plane and ascend to "heaven" or a facsimile thereof. You get to spend eternity in perfect harmony and bliss based upon a random set of man made rules. Pass GO and collect your $200 on your way to nirvana.  

The reality is that both of these viewpoints are basically the same. They are both based completely and entirely in faith. No proof, no datum, no science, no fortune cookie wisdom, absolutely nothing to prove either position. And yet both are completely convinced that they know something the rest of us don't. They both have taken a leap of faith into the unknown ether and pulled down an unknowable truth of life. Wow, how arrogant are you! Neither group can claim a single fact to substantiate their tenuous position. Unfailingly though, both take a standpoint of ultimate 100% belief. No middle ground for speculation, no grey area, completely black and white, “you sunk my battleship”!

The belief that God exists and sits upon a jewel encrusted thrown and judges us according to these "rules" seems kind of silly to me. You can be the most depraved human being, who lived a life of complete masochism and depravity, but in the last moments of life accept a certain tenant of religion and “poof” all is forgiven. You get to spend eternity playing a perfectly tuned harp and cavorting with naked cherubs. 

The term "nothing" is as incomprehensible to the human mind as is it’s counterpart - infinity. Both terms are outside our grasp of decipherment, no matter who you are or what you believe you can’t fully grasp this concept. It’s like explaining the color orange to a blind person. There is simply no point of reference. But atheists stick to this nebulous idea of nothingness as if they really understand its definition. Poppycock! Their arrogance makes them seem as ignorant as their religious counterparts. 

I'm not saying that I hold any answers; in fact, I haven't a clue who killed Mr. Mustard in the drawing room with a wrench. No one does, and anyone who bellows forth with their childlike belief does only one thing, prove to the world that their particular outlook is seen through the specter of ultimate pretentiousness. How can they say 100% conviction that they KNOW their belief to true? What is it that allows these people to fool themselves into believing one-way or the other? Are they clutching a warm, soft blanket to cover their eyes so the monster in the closet doesn't get them? Are they simply scared children trying to make the voices stop screaming? I don't know. I have never been able to understand either of these extremists.

I realize that my viewpoint is in the minority and I’m okay with that. I also understand that some people NEED to believe in something to make the journey of life tolerable. We are all going to die, the biggest question we as a species has is “what happens next”? I simply don’t know, you don’t know, Ghandi didn’t know, Mother Theresa didn’t know, the cookie monster…well he might actually know but he’s not telling, bastard! Are we just a complex organism clinging to a rock hurtling through space? Possibly, but for most people this is unacceptable. The human condition demands we explore the big questions, and I for one believe that this is the way things SHOULD be. We should strive to understand what we don’t, but what we shouldn’t do is base our assumptions on nothing more than speculation and dime store philosophy.

So in the end the atheist dies and moves forward into "nothingness", while the believer dies and moves forward towards eternity. Nothing and forever converge at the same place, the singularity. Do you think these two people meet there, share a root beer float and have a good laugh about their previous convictions with Buddha and Jesus?


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